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The Games for Business learning platform

The system engages users to process the content and boosts their motivation with the following tools and methodologies:

  • External motivation:

    Virtual and physical rewards, badges
  • Internal motivation:

    The goal of the frame story is to involve users in the learning process and motivate them to process the material faster.
  • Instant feedback:

    User results and development is continuously trackable and comparable.
  • Microlearning:

    The platform motivates learners to use the system repeatedly and play learning games multiple times for more efficient knowledge retention.
  • Team function:

    Team play created group level motivation, in which users incite each other to complete learning goals.
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  • Daily learning without much impact on working hours
  • Continuous learning without overwhelming amounts of info
  • Study when and where users choose
  • Instant feedback and development tracking
  • Detailed analytics and reports about learning results
  • Ease of implementation and customization
  • No corporate IT required, external hosting
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  • Everyday digitalization

    popular applications, protection of personal data, shopping online, social media
  • Digitalization in the Client’s sector

    technologies, methodologies and applications for making services more efficient and customer friendly
  • Digital regulations in the Client’s sector

    normative systems in the digital operation of the sector
  • Client-specific content

    e.g. tools, processes, necessary knowledge used in the company
  • Gradualism

    all topics have a basic and an advanced level
  • 800 content items,

    600 general, 200 client specific (75-25%)
  • Min. 400 minutes

    net learning time (without repeats and performing activity)
  • Practical tasks

    related to the learning contents
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Space adventure Space adventure Space adventure Space adventure Space adventure
Sea adventure Sea adventure Sea adventure Sea adventure Sea adventure
Urban adventure Urban adventure Urban adventure Urban adventure Urban adventure
Office adventure Office adventure Office adventure Office adventure Office adventure

Frame stories

The frame story visualizes the learning journey and engages learners in the learning process.

You can choose any of our default frame story themes and have them fully customized, or we can create a unique story for your organization.


The price includes:

  • web-based system
  • mobile application
  • development of client-specific content
  • 3-month use
  • user import/export
  • technical support
  • cloud-based operation
  • analytics
  • internal communication plan
  • Implementation time:

    3 weeks
  • Required client resources:

    kickoff meeting, handover of client specific content source materials, approval of final content
  • Optional client costs:

    corporate gifts, internal communication campaign
200 RPQ
500 RPQ
1 000 RPQ
2 000 RPQ
5 000 RPQ
10 000 RPQ
10 000+ RPQ


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About us

Games for Business is an award-winning gamified digital learning platform. We help your company transfer knowledge in an employee- centric and engaging way while improving learning performance at the same time.
We create an integrated learning experience that combines real-life and digital activities.

Since 2006, we have developed over 100 game-based projects for various clients. Our solutions motivated, educated, and entertained over 1 million users. Our dedicated team is continuously improving our learning platform in order to better support your organizational goals.

About us

What we do?

  • We engage users and make knowledge transfer effective.
  • We make the learning process transparent, clear and consistent.
  • We highlight the essence of the information to be transferred.
  • We provide an easy-to-use platform with a mobile-friendly interface.
  • We develop content and create process management.

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